Thursday, September 13, 2012

Let Them Play for Miles Outside

Do you ever daydream of your childhood? Do you ever come into a scent in the air that reminds you of when you were growing up? Now think back on that memory and where it was. Most likely it was playing outside and exploring Mother Nature. Finding worms or different colored leaves, playing king of the mountain, tag or even setting up a scavenger hunt with your neighbors and friends. Now as you're sitting there with a smile on your face remembering your childhood, think about what your child does on a day-to-day basis. What memories are they going to look back on and smile? What scents are going to remind them of home?

For a newborn, the outside world shapes their brain's wiring. The outside world is experienced through the senses--seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting—which enable the brain to create or modify connections. Also, with newborns relationships with other people early in life are the major source of development of emotional and social parts of the brain.

With more and more of this generation of families having both parents working, a lot of the creativity is lost inside rather than outside. Parents are relying more on their child's daycare and school to provide their outside playtime. Studies show that keeping kids outside for at least an hour a day helps with physical, mental and cognitive development of a child. Why aren't we giving this generation our wonderful memories of getting lost in their imagination outside?

My husband and I are avid backpackers and we wanted to hike part of the Appalachian Trail with our first son Miles when he was 9 months old. Being a mom I was invested in doing research on nutrition and what is lacking in the pre-made baby foods. Since we are hikers and want to be able to keep the thirst for adventure after the birth of our son Miles, we wanted to be able to have something to provide him with that was lightweight, easy to travel with, organic and convenient. So we started a dehydrated baby food that all you have to do is add breast milk, formula, or filtered water right to the pouch then stir and serve. We wanted to get a choice out on the shelves that would give the option to all parents and caregivers the chance to get their babies outside and exploring!  And to make your day easier in this hectic world and let you enjoy Mother Nature and all of your Miles Outside!

So let your babies get dirty!! Enjoy their belly laugh of confidence when they have found something new and love every minute of it-- for this is the time that you are letting Mother Nature help shape our next generation!!

Enjoy Outside!